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I’m a 37 year old mother of two wonderful and active boys & like many people I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. I was a constant yo-yo dieter, always hoping that “this time” I’d get my weight under control, only to find that in time I’d not only put all of the weight back on, but that I would also gain an additional 5 or 10 pounds in the process. I always felt like I was dieting, but with the constant cycle of losing and then gaining the weight back again, I slowly grew to be over 110 pounds overweight.

Being that I put the weight on gradually, I didn’t realize how many aspects of my life were being affected by it. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin any more, but I always had an excuse. I had constant back pain that I just chalked up to getting older. My asthma was out of control, but I blamed it on my allergies. I slept poorly, but blamed it on my mattress, not my sleep apnea. It was like I had blinders on. It wasn’t until the day that I realized that I couldn’t actively play with my children anymore that I realized that I had a problem. I was no longer running around and playing with them; I would sit on the floor to interact with them while they ran around me, but I wouldn’t get up. Or I’d sit on the couch and just watch them play rather than join in because I was too tired or couldn’t move. The day that I realized this was the day that I decided that something needed to change. I didn’t want to miss out on their childhood because I couldn’t keep up; that wouldn’t be fair to them and it wouldn’t be fair to me.

Right around this time a co worker and good friend of mine let me know that she was pursuing Gastric Sleeve surgery with another surgeon in Dr. Lee’s practice. Surgery wasn’t even on my radar at that time, but as time went on I watched her and was amazed by her transformation. She looked and felt spectacular and I wanted that too! After spending hours talking with her about it and conducting lots of research online, I found one common thread among people that had had weight loss surgery – they all wished that they had done it sooner. Not willing to put it off any longer, I attended a Bariatric Seminar at Good Samaritan Hospital and that is where I met Dr. Lee. After speaking with him, I made an appointment for a consultation at his office and when I was there I felt like I had “clicked” with him. Dr.Lee is both professional and honest (he tells it like it is!), but he is also warm and outgoing. He patiently listened to and addressed all of my concerns and helped me to make the decision to proceed with my Sleeve surgery without pressuring me.

It has been six months since my surgery (in July 2014) and I am feeling the best that I have in over 20 years! I am currently down 96 pounds from when I first started the process and I am 14 pounds away from my goal weight. In addition to that, I no longer rely on my asthma inhaler to get through the day, my sleep apnea has improved and I’m sleeping much better and my back pain is gone! Most importantly, though, I am now playing WITH my boys, chasing them around and truly enjoying every minute that I am with them. I’m no longer watching life pass me by. Having the surgery was the best decision that I have ever made for myself. With the ongoing help and support that I receive from Dr.Lee, his amazing nurse Maureen and the Bariatric Support Group that meets at the hospital, I know that I’ve got this this time!

– Melissa F.

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“Results May Vary” / “Individual Results May Vary”

Growing up I was known as “Juney, the Chubby Girl.”i always thought I would grow out of being overweight as I got older. It didnt happen. I tried every diet out there from Weight Watchers, to starvation and as soon as I lost the weight, it managed to find me again- sometimes more than I lost. I managed to live with myself, focusing on the person I was inside instead of the outside.

That can only last so long.

I made my decision for bariatric surgery when my husband got sick. Complications with his health prolonged my start to the procedure, but I never put the idea out of my mind. When my beloved husband died, I decided I owed it to him, myself and my family to get healthy. I began the process necessary to receive the gastric sleeve procedure. There were so many doctors to see, tests to be taken and meetings to attend, but I knew that this was going to be the best thing for me. Before I knew it, I was on the road to the new me.

– June O.

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I have always struggled with my weight for a weight for a good portion of my life. Being a women and as much as I loved to shop, it was extremely frustrating not being able to find clothes in my size or find something that was cute to wear. Towards the end, I gave up and began to wear whatever was comfortable and the more comfortable I was in my sweats, was the more uncomfortable I became with myself and my body and in my own skin. I didn’t know who I was anymore and I hated myself for what I have became. Like most people trying to fight an addiction, I would push off dieting and exercise to “Monday”… and that Monday never came, it would always be the next one, and then the next one and eventually it was too late. The more weight I would gain, the less I began to value and love myself.

It was when I became conscious and aware of my body image and how it affected my confidence and self esteem is when I really started to think to do something about it. I always thought less of people who turned to weight loss surgery as a solution because it seemed like an easy way out. My ignorance came to an end when I realized that food addiction is real and was happening to me, I started to become more open minded and accepting of the thought.

My most influential eye opener was my father, who I unfortunately lost contact with over the years. I found out he was going through the process for the gastric sleeve with Dr. Edward Cussatti and I started to see his progress and how effective it was and I was absolutely amazed… that was when I decided to give Dr.Cussatti a call myself. I started attending the support groups and the ridiculous amounts of doctors appointments with various specialists. The process as a whole was tiring, time consuming and expensive but in the end, absolutely worth every moment and struggle. The support group became like a second family, a family where people understood the struggle and pain of what you are going through with insight to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, people who are compassionate, caring and nonjudgmental. Attending the support groups, even to this day, is breath of fresh air and it always brings me back to ‘my beginning’ to help remind me where i came from and to never let go. This thought always keeps always keeps me motivated to constantly strive to do better for myself.

I am now nine months out of the recovery room of Good Samaritan Hospital and 80 pounds lighter and I couldn’t be happier! My perspective on life and how I live my own life has changed drastically for the better. Weight loss surgery, Dr.Cussatti and his team are truly a blessing. I believe this opportunity have saved my father’s life while giving him a second chance of living better, healthier, more fulfilling life and has also prevented me from future issues and conditions as a result of being overweight.

This journey has also brought my father and I together. he was there for me through the whole procedure, making sure I was keeping my doctor appointments and attending the support groups and it has made us closer than ever before and I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative of his help and support.

Weight loss surgery is not a solution, it is a tool to help guide you for a better way of life and living

-Jessica P.

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“Results May Vary” / “Individual Results May Vary”

The way I figure it, in 30 year’ time I lost nearly 750 pounds. And, I never weighed more than 300 pounds. So, how is this possible? Well, by the time my 49th birthday approached I had lost and gained 100 to 150 lbs 5 times.

On a warm June day in 2011, a fun trip to Manhattan to see the Jersey Boys on Broadway became a critical turning point in my life. One that likely saved my life. As I was walking the streets of Manhattan taking in the sights, sounds and smells only found in this great city, I realized I could no longer walk. My feet were swollen beyond recognition and I was in excruciating pain. After the show, I hailed a cab to dinner and another back to Penn Station because I was in agony from the pain I was feeling in my legs and feet.

The following Monday, I went to the doctors thinking something was medically wrong with me. I thought, maybe i have a condition that can be treated with medication. Maybe I just ate too much salt. Maybe I had one drink too many. Never did it cross my mind that my 308 pound, 5’1” frame was going to be the problem. I’ve been overweight most of my life and aside from some shortness of breath, I was otherwise healthy. When Dr. Carlin suggested that this was all due to my weight, I was shocked. He recommended that I attend a weight loss seminar at Good Samaritan Hospital given by Dr. Cussatti. To say I was hesitant doesn’t even begin to describe it.

After my appointment, I went home and made the decision that would forever change my life. When the day of the meeting arrived, I went to Good Samaritan Hospital with an open mind. I knew some people who had lap band surgery and figured that would work for me. However, after listening to Dr. Cussatti explain the three different weight loss options I decided the Gastric Vertical Sleeve was right for me. This was the exact moment that my weight loss roller coaster became a life altering journey! Amazing how that one choice has been the best decision I have made in my life.

On March 7th 2012, the morning of my surgery, I weighed 308 lbs. One year anniversary, I weighed exactly half of that- 154 lbs! In essence, I shed an entire person from my frame. I could not believe the success I had from eating right and having this tool to assist me. It was a complete transformation. During the first year of my surgery, people often didn’t recognize me and family and friends were shocked at the new me. So much so that many decided to attend the seminar to see if this would help them with their weight problem. To date, 8 of my family and friends have followed suit and are doing remarkably well. It is a pleasure to see their transformation in living a better and healthier lifestyle.

Keep in mind, any weight loss surgery is not a permanent fix. There’s no magic pill. It’s diet and exercise, and in my case a tool to aid in living a healthier life. I would recommend a weight loss procedure to anyone who has struggled with their weight over the years. Attend a seminar, listen to the options with an open mind and set your mind to changing your life for the better. Listen and follow your doctor’s suggestions about the food you should and shouldn’t eat. Now almost three years from surgery, I am at 130 lbs and feel great. My journey continues everyday and it just keeps getting better.

Good luck to all of you who choose to take control of this once and for all.

-Bernadette G.

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joesph b

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Hello. My name is Joe. And here’s my story,
For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my weight, I would  lose 20 pounds and then gain 30 pounds, my weight was like a yo-yo. When I graduated from college I decided to follow my dream of becoming a police officer so I lost 80 pounds and became a NYPD police officer ,over the next 16 years I gain over 200 pounds and could no longer function as a normal person , I was always tired and out of breath, doing everyday stuff including putting my socks on was a chore. Then the health problems started, like sleep apnea, High cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. So 11 months ago I decided to take control of my life, My first step was I spoke to my doctor and he helped me start the process. From my first meeting with Dr Cussatti , I knew I had the right Doctor to help me, he told me the truth even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, he told me it was going to be a long journey, but the outcome will be great. After following all the rules and seeing all the doctor I was approved. The day of the surgery Dr Cussatti took the time to comfort me and explain all that was going to be happening. Well here are the results after 11 months, I have lost almost 180 pounds, I lost over 20+ inches on my waist, My shirt size went down 4 sizes. I am  here to tell you that it was the greatest decision of my life, I feel 10 years younger, My sleep apnea, Diabetes, and High cholesterol are now gone and I can do stuff that were not possible 11 months ago. So thank you Dr Cussatti and your staff you have made this possible and guided me along.

-Joseph B.

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brendan m

“Results May Vary” / “Individual Results May Vary”

Dr. Cussatti saved my life! After many long days of contemplating whether I should pick up the phone and make that first appointment, I finally realized that it was time to make a change in my life. From the moment I met Dr. Cussatti and he informed me of my options, I knew having Gastric Sleeve surgery was what I needed to do. I felt at ease and hopeful that he could help me get back to the person I once was. Every appointment I had leading up to the surgery he assured both me and my wife that everything was going to be fine and in no time I would be leading a better life and after 6 months I couldnt agree with him more! I would recommend Dr. Cussatti to anyone needing surgery but especially for any type of weight loss surgery.

Thank you Dr. Cussatti!!

-Brendan M.

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