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Revisional bariatric surgery involves modifying a primary weight loss procedure that has either failed or not offered the patient the weight loss that they or their surgeon expected.

Virtually any weight loss procedure can be revised, but it is important to ensure that the revision is necessary. Gastric bypass revisions and gastric sleeve revisions are still major surgical procedures and, as such, come with some added risk. Before approving a patient to undergo a revisional bariatric surgery, we must ensure that it is not a lifestyle issue that is causing the lack of weight loss or weight regain. During your consultation at our West Islip office, we will review your food journal as well as any dietary and exercise habits to see if a minor, non-surgical change allows for continued weight loss.

  • Gastric bypass revision can be competed in several ways to provide for increased restriction and/or more malabsorption to allow for continued weight loss. Various endoscopic procedures can also be performed to lessen the size of the stomach pouch or shrink a stretched connection.
  • Gastric sleeve revision can be done by performing a second sleeve, further reducing the size of the stomach. The sleeve can also be revised to a duodenal switch or gastric bypass by simply adding the malabsorption (intestinal) component of the surgery. A band can also be added to the top of the gastric sleeve for additional restriction.
  • Gastric band may slip or erode into the esophagus over time. This will necessitate removing the original band. A new band can then be placed or the patient will have the option to convert to a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.

Results of Revisional Weight Loss Surgery Options

If you haven’t lost as much weight as you or your surgeon expected with a primary weight loss procedure, revisional surgery at South Shore Surgical Specialists in West Islip may be able to improve the results. Many patients will lose a significant amount of weight and improve or resolve many of the diseases associated with morbid obesity, such as type II diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and more.

Advantages of Gastric Bypass Revision and Gastric Sleeve Revision

  • Improved weight loss and disease improvement results
  • Decreased hunger and increased sense of satiety
  • Potentially less invasive surgery than initial weight loss procedures

Disadvantages of Gastric Bypass Revision and Gastric Sleeve Revision

    • Both are major surgeries and come with inherent risks, such as pain, blood loss, infection and, rarely, death
    • Possible vitamin deficiency or stomach ulcers

The first step to learning more about revisional bariatric surgery and whether it is right for you is contacting our office. Please make every effort to obtain the “Operative Report” for any prior bariatric surgeries you may have had so we can know exactly what was done previously. After a thorough check up, we should be able to determine the cause of the problem and whether or not a revision of the bariatric procedure is appropriate for your particular circumstance.

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